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I’m a seasoned designer with over 20 years of experience and a passion for crafting innovative and eye-catching designs. Based in the heart of the Midwest, I pride myself on being a sleeves-rolled-up creative who isn’t afraid to tackle any project, from building brands to designing UI/UX interfaces.

My design skills have been recognized in national publications, and I earned numerous industry awards for my work. Over the course of my freelance career, I’ve enjoyed collaborating with a diverse range of clients, from startups and small businesses to non-profits and local shop owners.

When I’m not hunched over my desk, bringing ideas to life, you’ll likely find me at a car show, admiring hot rods and low riders or sipping on a cold brew at a local brewery. I also love exploring antique malls, looking for inspiration from the past that I can incorporate into my designs.

If you’re looking for a passionate designer who can deliver standout results, let’s team up! Whether you need a logo, brochure, advertising campaign, packaging, apparel, or trade show booth, I’m ready to tackle any challenge and bring your vision to life.

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